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Learning Experience Design has always captivated me for its meaningful and playful nature. Using my skill set to create opportunities that empower people and help communities thrive motivates me to be a better professional every day.

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Microlearning – Recent exercises

Social learning and collaboration

Collaboration in agency

The ODS.OLACEFS digital tools were created to promote cooperation for social good.

These digital tools allow governmental entities, organisations and citizens to research, report, suggest and recommend actions to meet the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. Through social actions like reading, writing, sharing, voting and providing feedback, the key issues and the best solutions are identified and addressed.

Driving human connection through visual narratives and humour


A study on the use of comics for developing and transforming workplaces

Comics have the potential to make topics irresistible, engaging and fun. They are an atypical medium that takes the best of several worlds; they combine extraordinary narrative and stunning art with a unique, personal flow that the reader creates.

Comics in the workplace analyses the different formats and uses for comics. Exploring interesting applications in Aotearoa and other parts of the world to cultivate healthy organisational culture and create deeper human connections.


Adult learners