What to upskill as a learning designer

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I never heard any of my collogues say they born Instructional Designers. Instead, I’m always surprised by how crazy their stories are. Learning professionals usually come from very diverse atmospheres, like Pedagogy, Psychology and Education, Change Management, Experience Design, Marketing, Animation and more.

Differences can define us and give us unique perspectives and skillsets. The way in which we approach a project and how we add value can differ significantly, but we also have plenty in common, like a vibrant, constant desire to learn and keep improving ourselves.

Being the biggest advocates for self-development, we know how important it’s to remain active, current, to be driven by curiosity and to maintain a lifelong learner attitude that allow us to take on new challenges. As Albert Einstein said, ‘once you stop learning, you start dying’.

What to upskill as a Learning Designer

But what should the focus be? As we know, time is limited and our learning potential is boundless. My thoughts are that life is too short to focus on the wrong thing.

The best topic to learn is the one that:

  • Awakes interest in you
  • It’s aligned with your capability and interests
  • Has real-life applications
  • Will help you develop your career in a direction that is strategic for you

Finding a strategic development area can be challenging. That’s why this micro vocational quiz could be a relaxed way to start questioning your beliefs and devising your future professional pathways.

In just ten questions you will have the chance to answer what you like, value and are excited about. And to receive a compatibility score for 5 hot areas in Learning and Development, alongside keywords and free resources to have an initial look at these topics.

Of course, these five selected areas are by no means a comprehensive learning landscape, but one of them could be an interesting starting point to get excited and start your research.

Take the quiz and after you get your recommendation, feel free to come back to this list to start your new learning journey. Bear in mind that resources may change from time to time, so several of them could stop being free or available. I’ll do my best to keep the list updated as I find relevant resources.

Five areas to upskill as a Learning Designer


Beginners’ Guide to Digital Art
Film Education, A users guide
Digital Illustrations, Using your imagination to create
Beginners’ Guide to Become a Digital Artist, Youtube
Color Theory for Designers – A Crash Course, Toptal


Digital Skills: User Experience, Accenture
The Beginner’s Guide to Information Architecture in UX, Adobe XD
User Experience (UX) Design and Research, University of Michigan
Create Accessible Interfaces, UAL Creative Computing Institute
UX Design: From Concept to Prototype, University of Michigan
Introduction to Conversational Interfaces, Institute of Coding


Filmmaking and Animation Online and in the Classroom, Into Film
Explore Animation, National Film and Television School
3D and Animation Careers: First Steps, Linkedin Learning


Blended Learning Essentials, University of Leeds
Transforming Digital Learning: Learning Design Meets Service Design, Deakin University
Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects, University of California San Diego
The Online Educator: People and Pedagogy, Open University
Management & Leadership: Growing as a Manager, The Open University
Instructional Design Foundations and Applications, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Serious Gaming, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Introduction to Game Design, California Institute of the Arts
Introduction to Indie Games, University of Coding
How To Start Your Career In Games Development, BGI + National Videogame Museum
Create Your First Unity Project, Unity Learn
Game Design and Development Specialization, Michigan State University

Project developed inspired by Articulate eLearning Heroes Challenge #301 / Number Variables