Dina Huapi Guide

Digital directory

Project Scope

End-to-end design and development of a digital directory, where users can find all the information related to shops, services and events of the town of Dina Huapi.

  • Design of brand identity
  • Definition of information and content architecture
  • Graphic and interaction design.
  • Content writing for the web.
  • Photography
  • Interviews with Shops owners
  • Development of post-types with schedules, photo galleries, venues, public services and tourist attractions
  • BackOffice of users and shops
  • E-mail marking and social media

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, WordPress

About the project

Dina Huapi Guide is a public, digital directory for all stores and services of Dina Huapi, a village in Argentinian Patagonia. It connects its people and celebrates community by providing cultural, tourist, and conservational information to locals and visitors.
It also compiles an agenda with all the local activities and events.

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