María Boneo

Custom Website Development

Project Scope

Layout and integral development of a website and responsive portfolio using WordPress technology.

The site was developed based on a design previously created in Illustrator by the company Uptown and based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

  • A sample of the artist’s biography per year with an administrable system for updating, with the possibility of incorporating new works as a background for each of the years, including milestones and reviews.
  • Navbar adaptable to two different logos, one for the home and another for the internal pages.
  • Manageable sections for critics of artists and press articles.
    Gallery masonry style with all the works of the artist.
  • Contact Form
  • Backoffice for the administration and updating of all sections of the site.
    The site is responsive and mobile first. Requested development and graphic design made by the Uptown Agency.
About the sculptress

The work of Maria Boneo is simply fabulous. The work in marble is the most difficult of all the artistic confections. The show of Boneo is pure magic in how the human body represents with its variations of torso shapes, I do not know any contemporary artist of contemporary works that believes so naturally, knowing that it is a process of arduous creation, is able to channel the subtlety of the beauty of the Sculptures of Ancient Greece, is linked of the best with the Modernists like Moore, Noguchi and Arp, nevertheless retains its total originality, without errors, Maria Boneo is a visionary of modern art.

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