Experimental Short Film

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Final exam of the subjet “Audiovisual Techniques”, Degree in Multimedia Technologies, Maimonides University.

Topic assigned: Pain, anger, and desire.

The desire for unfulfilled motherhood is for many women a great weight, an anguishing situation, which generates anger, fear, anguish, frustration, and which is also linked to great social pressure.

This desire has the peculiarity of producing a cyclical frustration, which is renewed every month with the arrival of a new period.

My short film seeks to reflect on this anguish and impotence, which is expressed by the protagonist through her recurring nightmares.

Before the loss of a new ovule, which is not fertilized, time becomes the worst enemy.

The main idea is to represent the disturbed feminine mind, the recurrent search, and the nightmare of not being part of a world that she yearns and desires.

The short film begins with a woman touring her house, performing everyday tasks alone. Everything in the house speaks of a life of one. She leaves the frame to go to her room and that’s when she enters a new dream.

The passage from reality to the unconscious is marked by the changing colors and by the distortion of the scene.

The thread of the short film is an elevator trip with which the protagonist dreams with. Each floor she steps by represent a day of ovulation (13, 14 and 15 of the menstrual cycle). Each stop is an opportunity to get pregnant that she loses, where she tries to get down but she can’t, and instead, she enters a new fantasy.

On the first floor, she goes down to a park, where she sees children playing. The world she cannot belong, which looks from afar, behind the bars.

The elevator keeps going up and makes a new stop. In this one you see the protagonist looking for something that she cannot find, with desperation and hurry. She doesn’t find what she is looking for.

We see images of her, sleeping, feeling the pain, listening to the emptiness that comes from her belly, the day of pain keeps getting closer.

Finally, we move away from the dream and see her awakening. Again she is indisposed, she visualizes the pain, the anguish, the annoyance, and the anger.

The final stage is the unmade bed, only one side, also representing the empty nest.

About the project

Hypophysis reflects on the anguish and impotence during the menstrual cycle, which is expressed by the protagonist’s dreams and recurring nightmares. Within the loss of a new ovule, which is not fertilized, time becomes the worst enemy.

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