Intimacy as a show

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Language: Spanish
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In The intimacy as a show, Paula Sibilia analyzes the keys of the exhibition of intimacy in the contemporary scene, and the different ways assumed by the self for the abandonment of anonymity trought self-exposure in the public domain through blogs, foto blogs, webcams and sites like YouTube and Facebook.

The reflection also revolves around other manifestations that have taken place in the last decade, as part of the same cultural phenomenon that leads to the uncontrollable urge to ‘become visible’: reality shows, and television talk-shows, the rise of the biographies in the publishing market and in the cinema, the emergence of new genres such as first-person documentaries and the variations that the self-portrait has had in the various artistic fields.

Based on the hypothesis that all these phenomena represent a cultural moment of transition that announces a true mutation in subjectivities, Paula Sibilia analyzes the rapid distancing that has occurred in recent years concerning the typically modern ways of being in the world.

The intimacy as a show, puts in relation, dynamically and intelligently, the current ways of constructing the subjectivity with other modalities of self-reports, ranging from the intimate diary to psychoanalysis, through all forms of introspection.

The presentation summarizes and analyzes through concrete examples taken from the real world the main aspects of the first two chapters of her book.

About the project

This practice assignment involved summarising and conceptualising two chapters of a book, producing audiovisual support for classroom training on the topic. I worked with the book “The Intimacy as a show” by Paula Sibilia.

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