App Concept

About the project

TaxiBip allows the user to see and connect with all the available taxis in the area.

To avoid abuse and improve the service over time, the system can only be used by users registered trough Facebook or Google (for the verification of identity and interaction in social media) and once the trip is finished, both, the taxi driver and the user will have the chance to rate the service in a positive or negative way.

The best score in the use of the service by both parties would define the priority.

The idea of the application is progressively replacing in the multiple options of radio taxis, providing faster and high-quality service, faster, and removing the restriction of needing cash to use this type of services.

Main use:

• Optimize the taxi service in the different cities, speeding up the communication between the taxi driver and his potential client.

Secondary uses:
• Increase safety on public roads by using a system that recognizes the best suppliers and users, assigning them a priority.
• Reduce the waiting times for taxi services.


People between 18 and 50 years who own mobile devices with an internet connection.


About the project

Mobile application that allows users to request taxis online, with security verification, information about the vehicle and configuration of safe routes. Practical work developed for the subject Design Workshop, Degree in Multimedia Technology, Maimónides University.

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